About Me

I am an eclectic individual who has always worked as an educator. A lifelong equestrian, and a grandmother of 3, I now find myself with more time to pursue my passions. I am always looking for opportunities to share my knowledge, collaborate with others and learn new things.

Contact me if you are looking for support in accomplishing your goals.

When you’re building a dream team, Miki should be one of your top choices. She’s not only skilled at a variety of things – from social media to videography – she also is able to manage multiple projects and deadlines and execute them to the highest level. Miki is key to the team’s success as she keeps things moving forward, doesn’t overlook the details, and isn’t afraid of asking the tough (but necessary!) questions. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Miki for more than 5 years and always admire her very insightful responses and great ideas. She is someone I always want on my team because I’ve come to rely on her wisdom, expertise, and work ethic. Miki is great at taking a vision and independently executing it (I always trust her to ask questions and then run with it!). Whether you’re looking for a social media manager, marketing guru, graphic designer, or videographer – she has all that and more to offer. I highly recommend her!
~Aubrey Bursch
Founder & CEO of Easy School Marketing, Solutions for Small Independent Schools & Businesses
February 4, 2021

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