I began using video with my students as a Dressage and Combined Training Instructor. I was then fortunate enough to live where I could do a lot of SCUBA diving and honed my skills as an underwater videographer. I enjoy the process from concept through production and appreciate opportunities to expand my skill set.

Contact me if you are interested in creating short video projects.

Examples of my work:

Why Montessori? Parent Perspective  1.38 min, educational and promotional

Why Montessori? Materials  1.58 min, educational and promotional

Sea Turtles  3.25 min, educational

Dueling Photographers  3.08 min, presentation for CRABBS Dive Club: Side note: This piece has two versions of its title. Dueling Photographers, as in feuding and Dualing Photographers, as in two together in many ways…there were many discussions about correctness vs creative use of the title and you will see it varied in different places. However, it was an intentional thought and not just a misspelling of the word.

The Amen Stone is a project for a Digital Humanities class that I took in the fall of 2019. I found this to be the only poem from the list that spoke to me. I am not a very religious person, nor am I Jewish, but I am a spiritual person so I could relate to the cycle of life represented here. I could understand the horrors that many cultures have experienced in their past. Seeking answers that bridge the past with the future is a drive for many people.

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